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Under The Bridge has been one of the first graffiti jams I’ve been. Graffiti Writing conventions were starting in Italy exactly around 1994-1995 as the movement was growing bigger and bigger. Together with my friends Yazo and Kayone, we painted …

Graffiti Under The Bridge. Sesto Calende 1994 Read More »

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Just a quick one near the old market. I remember I painted it with these small cans.

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20 years ago…

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There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action. Johann von Goethe. When I consider a Graffiti Writer, I always judge the man before the artist. But if I should judge the artist only, I would judge him 50% for …

Know your roots – Milano 1994 Read More »

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This photo was shotted by Alberto Scabbia and it features me and Rendo just before entering the theatre that was hosting the event. We drived straight from Milano to Frankfurt and later we just slept in the car. The event, …

Frankfurt Spring Jam 1994 Read More »

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