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Eir – Milano 1993

THP Hall of Fame in Via Brunelleschi, Giambellino. Back in the days, early 90’s, many pieces everybody painted didn’t even have a real background: like this one. We were just focused on trying to develop some style and this was

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Style experimentations, Milano 1995

This THP has a funny flavor but probably it’s a little bit too much chaotic… too many loops, too many color details, too many dedications. Nasty character by my man Teatro.

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Fanaticisms – Corsico 1995

This one is perfect for these days of bloody fanaticisms… Il fanatismo consiste nel raddoppiare i propri sforzi dopo aver perso di vista lo scopo Piece painted at the old (still up to these days!) RNS (now BN) hall of

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Start To Burn – Milano Energy Box 2015

Painted box part of a street art group show around the streets of Milano, called Energy Box. This one is in Via Papiniano exactly in front of San Vittore prison.

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Testing curves – Milano 1993

Mellow lines, not usual for me: but this was Via Giambellino during those years, a real style’s playground where you could have enjoyed many different flavors. Everybody in Milano was looking for some personal lines that could push you further

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Let it flow… Romano di Lombardia, 2015

Graffiti Writing is not just a sign on a wall, it’s a mirror. It doesnt tell lies.

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