I love NY caps, especially after a wild night

New York soft capThe story behind this piece is one I can’t forget: comin back from my brother’s marriage. A nice day on Lake Maggiore, the marriage happened the afternoon before, and the party went on all night long. We were a couple of hours by car from Milano, so when I came back early in the morning I thought I was too fucked-up to go painting at this convention. But KayOne did his best to organize it and my man Loze and KidOne were in town plus most of the crew was down painting…

Basically, when I woke up after 3 hours I was still drunk and when I arrived at the wall the temperature was +35, there was no shade and everybody was already painting. I took place in the THP crew space left for me between Ghen and Done, I greeted my friends from Norway and some brother I rarely┬ásee (hey Zeta and Gob!) and started with an old sketch (normally I go freestyling), but it immediatly looked bad. Really bad. I wasn’t able to manage thin linesAirone - Milano 2010 at all.

So I just stopped and went around along the wall to say hi to all the friends, there were masters like Teatro, Tawa, Styng 253, Dropsy, Mambo and many others. Comin back I stopped speaking with Done and I noticed he had a couple of NY caps. I love them, especially on trains. Their line look like a bolder soft cap line, their use is much more instinctive, the final appeal a little rough but full of energy. A lot of people don’t use them just because, compared with other soft caps, after some time they are hard to push with fingers: definetly not confortable for long time hall-of-fame painting. But perfect for a quite fast piece when the sun is burning, your head is hosting an hammering jam session and you must hide your inability…

I ended up being the first one to finish, so I could relax and enjoy the hottest spring Sunday in many years. So don’t you ever forget your NY caps!
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