Antibes Newrider long distance pushing & pumping longboard race 2014

Antibes Newrider Long Distance Pushing & Pumping Longboard Race 2014
The Antibes Newrider 20km has been my first longboard race and it’s been very fun!
In just 1 hour of race I’ve learned so many things that I could never learn other way: but basically, I can go pumping on for ages but I will never be as fast as someone that just push. And pushing requires different muscles to make work… that’s so simple!

Lorenzo and Frank has been my mates in the race and Alex documented the whole trip with photos and videos (soon to be released!): I couldn’t really have a better crew, they’re just crazy!

It’s been great also to meet athlets like Alexandre and Giovanni who dedicated all their last years just to LDP and are worldwide recognized: cool people, they are an example for everybody. Thanx to Antibes Longskate and Pierre Samray for the event and for being so friendly!

All images © Alex Ciuffreda
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    5 comments on “Antibes Newrider long distance pushing & pumping longboard race 2014
    1. Grazie mille amici ! Bellissime immagini ! It was great to see other Europeans coming for this race! Hope to meet you once more!

    2. Ah ah ah, many thanks Airone!!! We have been all iper-crazy and it has been really, really fun!! Next time I’ll be more trained to be more competitive in specific for push… and I’m sure I also need a new longboard with the right setup!
      As usual the feeling with all the partecipants have been great, this is why I love this world!!

    3. Bevilacqua says:

      Ciao tutti ! See you one day or another on these roads ! Crazy yellow Tshirts : where can I get one ? (L or Xl)

    4. Pierre Samray says:

      thank to our friends from Italy. As usual happy to be there to compete with a good spirit. Expect to see you for the slalom day.

    5. Airone says:

      @Bevilacqua: we just printed few shirts for the team and some more friends and… they were all gone immediatly! But we’ll be back soon with new ones: I’ll keep one for you!

      @Pierre: Lorenzo is always travelling for slalom racings, expect to meet him around Europe!

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