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Airone by Merk, Tonsberg Norway, October 2016

This trackside is done at the hall of fame outside Tønsberg. It’s been painted since 10.09.2001. The day before 9/11 the sts crew painted “terroriSTS”, the day after America was hit by the planes. Since then, legends as Loze, Kid,

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Giambellino goes to Paris: 1992

From suburb to suburb, a cold trip with Isadora, Guelfa, Zen, Monè (R.I.P.), Chief, Craze, Dust. Check out the original A.One (R.I.P.) piece in the background. And Mode2 off course! Few days, so many stories about. There’s nothing like travelling

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Family portrait – Milano, October 2014

I just had the great privilege of being photographed with some of my friends by Marina Alessi. Her newest project and exhibition is about families (all type of families!) and she kindly wanted us to join it: how to refuse?

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AdStar (AKA Alby Wag) KayOne Airone: Tribe team – late 90s

From my analog ages archives, the faboulous Tribe Magazine team!

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Antibes Newrider long distance pushing & pumping longboard race 2014

The Antibes Newrider 20km has been my first longboard race and it’s been very fun! In just 1 hour of race I’ve learned so many things that I could never learn other way: but basically, I can go pumping on

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Paolo Buggiani, Piazza del Duomo Milano 2010

Paolo Buggiani is a real legend in the Street Art world. He is one of those who still, despite his age, puts body and soul in his art without paying much attention to awards, galleries and money. I met him

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