Bridge of Verrazzano connects Brooklyn to Milano – New York 1997

Air - Brooklyn, New York 1997

During 1997 I made my second trip to New York. This time with a group of friends: MastroK, Phast, Intru and Krana:a crazy mix of THP and SIC crews.
Thanks to master Wane COD, me and MastroK stayed at the COD studio near Baychester in the Bronx: starting from there, for a couple of weeks we explored the whole city. This piece on a shutter at the Peak and Tab hall of fame in Brooklyn (thanks again guys!) has been made possible by another friend of mine, Smith, one the living New York’s legends. It’s still a great emotion to go back to those moments, few italians (Graffio and Sky4 only, if I’m not wrong) painted in NY before… a dream come true. I was so happy and proud… there was nothing more prestigious for a european writer in the 90s. The piece itself still looks acceptable and with some of the features of my today’s style. Yeah!

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