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Accidental little gem on steel, Milano 1997

While searching for the right flow, you may generate an accidental little gem. I never tried to develop this style anymore after this time, but I still love this piece, it’s just missing a nice simple background. …that old original

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When you try your best – Via Pontano, Milano 1997

There are many reasons why I love this piece: it has been painted at the glorious Pontano hall of fame during an era when painting there it still meant something. Just very few people were authorized by oldschool kings Sten

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Bridge of Verrazzano connects Brooklyn to Milano – New York 1997

During 1997 I made my second trip to New York. This time with a group of friends: MastroK, Phast, Intru and Krana:a crazy mix of THP and SIC crews. Thanks to master Wane COD, me and MastroK stayed at the

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Clock Airone Dumbo – Milano 1997

Just a small easy one flying on the top of this 2 nice burners by my friends Clock and Dumbo. Great styles and nice memories!

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AdStar (AKA Alby Wag) KayOne Airone: Tribe team – late 90s

From my analog ages archives, the faboulous Tribe Magazine team!

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Zeta Opium MastroK Clock KayOne – Lugano, Switzerland, 1997

…and together with us, our friends Yazo, Done, KayOne, Teatro and Vandalo. A wild bunch from Milano in that clean swiss city: I felt like a meteor fallen down on a different planet. All those colors were made possible thanks

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