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Trainspotting Milano

Per un periodo degli anni ’90 gli irriducibili dei treni in crew fummo io, Done e Clock. Eravamo esperti e sapevamo di poterci fidare l’un l’altro. Done e Clock non possedevano un’auto e quindi tenevano costantemente d’occhio tutte le yard locali delle

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Airone by Merk, Tonsberg Norway, October 2016

This trackside is done at the hall of fame outside Tønsberg. It’s been painted since 10.09.2001. The day before 9/11 the sts crew painted “terroriSTS”, the day after America was hit by the planes. Since then, legends as Loze, Kid,

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GreenSkate Night Push Milano skateboarding 2015 photo report

My friend Paolo Salmoirago just sent me this great photo report, exactly one year after the event… nice memories and nice photos, grazie mille Paolo!

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Accidental little gem on steel, Milano 1997

While searching for the right flow, you may generate an accidental little gem. I never tried to develop this style anymore after this time, but I still love this piece, it’s just missing a nice simple background. …that old original

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Good sketching it’s not that easy

If you’re sketching to prepare a street production, you’re free to use every kind of trick. Few black & white lines can be enough: the rest of the idea is drawn in your mind ready to be used when needed.

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Wild Style means Wild

When it comes to graffiti it is often mistakenly believe that the term Wild Style indicates an illegible tangle of letters full of lines and arrows, as if you had taken your name and you had woven a crown of

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