Circumwriting – Napoli 2004

Airone - Circum Writing, Napoli 2004

Circumwriting has been a great event by Evoluzioni which happened in Napoli during the spring-summer of 2004. Circumvesuviana is a 6 lines train line that runs all around Vesuvio and towards Sorrento. The event touched many stations and I’ve been invited at the closing event at Barra station.
It was the 18 of July and the sun was burning like it could shine and burn in Napoli only. I’ve been in Napoli many times and I always felt like been at home, I love the city and its vibes, something unique like being italians. Circum Writing - Napoli 2004Before starting to paint in the early Sunday morning we moved to a seaside location in Napoli where I was the judge for the final Graffiti Writing contest of the Italian Hip Hop Awards (Zeus & Zevel were my choice). Just after the awards we drived to Barra station and started painting down the line, just in front of the platform: there were at least 50 writers painting along the line’s wall. People was breaking inside the station and later in the afternoon MCs were rapping live while trains were running through the station. What more can I say? The organization was almost perfect to me and I had so much fun together with KayOne, Styng253, Pope, Slork, ZenTwo, Haero, GasOne and many others. I remember that some people have had the courage to criticize the event ’cause they considered it “too commercial”. The truth is that Circumwriting has been one of the best event ever organized in Italy during those years and that to manage something big like that in a complex city like Napoli was just amazing. Nice memories!

Barra station: Circum Writing - Napoli 2004

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