Drop-through longboard universal simple nose guard

After the first time looking freezed at your longboard going to hit on something really fast, you will desidere to protect your longboard’s nose.
Longboards can be very expensive and some brands produce nose guards that fits their boards.
I’ve been looking around on the web for a nose-guard for my Dervish Sama, but I couldn’t find anything (there’s one custom made for the old Dervish, not for the Sama) that I liked.
Searching on the web, you’ll find that there are 3 main type of self-made nose guards:
– Duct tape
– Glue
– Tubing
All these solutions are effective but they are boring to remove and your longboard will look… ugly.

I just wanted something small and that I could remove in any moment… I don’t really need it when cruising through the city. The solution I found it is:
for drop-through longboards only
good for freeriding
not suited for downhill
– it works only for the central part of your nose (but most of the times it’s where it gets hitted)
– it’s simple to do, you can remove and reposition it in a couple of seconds all the times you want

Stuff you’ll need:

  • velcro strips (as large as you can find them, in this example they are 5cm wide but it’s possible to find 10cm wide too that’s much better)
  • thin shock pad or rubber/PVC strip
  • cutter
  • shoe glue (shoe glue is preferred ’cause it will stay flexy when dry)

For every nose:

1) Cut velcro in 2 small strips

Drop-through longboard universal simple nose guard

2) cut the shock pads or the rubber in one strip that’s just a little smaller than the velcro

Drop-through longboard universal simple nose guard

3) glue them together leaving one end of the velcro with a little part free of glue

Drop-through longboard universal simple nose guard

…once sticked together with the second part of the velcro, more or less they will look like down here, one for each nose of your longboard

Drop-through longboard universal simple nose guard

4) apply them to you longboard’s nose.
Final results:

Drop-through longboard universal simple nose guard

It will not move, just try! You can add more rubber thickness in the front if you want. Using a 10cm wide velcro (here is just 5cm) will improve final protection.

Drop-through longboard universal simple nose guard

Your board will look like mine and you’ll need just 1 second to take them off or to re-apply them.
Last but not least: I tested it, it works.

Drop-through longboard universal simple nose guard


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    One comment on “Drop-through longboard universal simple nose guard
    1. Sam Grey says:

      Hey guys. I bought the Hellmet Longboard Noseguards in germany for 16 bugs on http://www.hellmet.de. No glueing, no drilling, no screwing and so you dont mess up your deck like the Apex PKs. They fit for every deck size and also for top mounts and protected my deck a several times. They have also a metal framework inside which makes them flexible and solid. And you just can remove them with nothing left and can resell your board for a good price. So good choice for a good price without any efforts and making your board ugly. Looks good on my Tan Tien.


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