Art On The Stadio – Varese 2013

Airone - Art On The Stadio - Varese 2013

Image from yesterday’s event in Varese. It’s been the really first national Graffiti Writing and Street Art event in Varese, a sign that something is changing for true!

It’s been a very hot day but still nice, a lot of friends from all other Italy and a good organization: I love when I can start painting 5 minutes after I’m arrived and everything’s arranged properly! With my man Ghen we just took our time to spread some old-school flavor through the new generations of writers… all around mad styles and good vibes, people had fun, check out the complete report on
Special thanx to my old friends SeaCreative and ReFreshInk for making it possible.

Airone - Art On The Stadio - Varese 2013

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