First Endomondo italian long distance skateboarding challange: LDP Italy Max KM 2016

Many long distance skateboarders in the World use Endomondo App for their trainings: this is not the best fitness app around, but it can build sport communities like small social networks. In the last years, LDP has grown up using Endomondo so it’s a great way to get in touch with long distance skateboarders around the World, look what are they doin’ and get suggestions from them. Down here you’ll be able to track the first italian long distance skateboard challange on Endomondo: most km skated during the whole 2016. It’s open to every italian rider, all the levels, so sign to Endomondo to take part: you’ll be suprised to discover how many km in a year you’ll have skated just going to school or work! Believe me, this is addicting!

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