Back 2 The Roots Jam, Milano October 2015

Airone - Back To The Roots Milano, October 2015

Back 2 The Roots Jam, proudly and well organized by my dear friend KayOne, lasted 3 days and ended up in the whole renovation of the old THP hall of fame in Giambellino, Milano. I was so happy and excited to paint again at my wall after 17 years from the last time, that since the very beginning I stayed really focused and didn’t almost speak to anyone around: in a few hours I finished my piece. First time painting with Day Colors spray cans and they have been good, thanx for the support!

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    2 comments on “Back 2 The Roots Jam, Milano October 2015
    1. Andrea says:

      Evento da rifare! Bomba sto pezzo

    2. Airone says:

      Merito anche dello sponsor!

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