Painting with a King

Normally you would say “painting with a Master” but if your playground is the street, you certainly would use the word “King”. And definitely, a King is much more than a master.

I never met Chris Daze Ellis before October 2004, and it just happened because I had the opportunity to interview him while he was on tour around Europe for some promotional job. When I was younger I spent days studing – and biting – styles and colors that old-school New York writers like Daze invented and developed. And when you’re just a kid, you always wonder how it could be meeting some of those legends… but when you get older and you already have met too many disappointing legends, sometimes you would just like to preserve the idea you had when you were younger. Luckily, Daze showed to be a real King, not only a legend.

After the interview in the open-space studio where he was creating some artworks for his job and where I met some old friends, we later moved to a wall where, together with Ghen, KayOne, Yazo, Thero and Ater we painted some fast pieces… hey, there’s also a short video filmed by Alberto, check it out!

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