Chart – Caimi swimming pool, Milano 1993

Chart by Airone - Milano 21.6.1993

During an inexplicable burst of openness to the few writers in the city, in 1993 the city of Milano entrusted to some of them the task of improving the old and dilapidated walls of public outdoor pools. Each artist painted what he wanted, even according to the quantity of colors: some (like my case) very few, for others (hey Marco, remember?) hundreds. Although to be honest, only a small part of all those wack colors (Very Well Spray) ended up decorating the pools…

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis piece came looking at a couple of works painted by Shad. Light years away for those times, they had a strange concatenation of transparent letters that had fascinated me. Inspired by that idea, I translated it in my own way. In this piece the letters had yet a flat, broad outline that had been a classic ’till those days, and that was starting to disappear or evolve in a more dynamic one, as it is evident here.

During this time I also had improved the handwriting of my signatures, which finally started to seem that of a real writer.
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