Down with The King

T-Kid, TNB Crew - Milano 2001

With so many events managed through the years, I met a lot of artists from all over the world. Hundreds. Many of them were very good writers but… blind people: able to hit a wall or a train and leave the city immediatly after: how can you travel just like that?

Walls and trains are more or less the same game all around the world. If you like to travel, cities and people with their own customs and traditions make the real difference, and the time you will spend with them having fun, exploring local arts and monuments – together with local pubs and clubs – will probably be what you’ll remember later.

T-Kid has been surprising me from the very first minute I met him. He’s always been friendly, professional, open, loyal. I’ve seen him spending hours talking and teaching to kids, signing their blackbooks, making photos with them. He’s a great artist but he’s also a man who likes to enjoy life’s beauties, always up for a burner and always ready for good food and a tasty glass of wine!

This shot is from 2001, that’s been the first year I invited him to join an event in Milano. During 2002 we had more fun if possible! I’ll post the photos soon. The last time I met him was in 2006, during his tour for the presentation of his own book: one of the best around if you want to understand what Real Writing means. Buy it here!
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