Mai abbassare la guardia – Milano 1994

Airone, Cavalcavia Brunelleschi, Milano 1994

A couple of rare pieces painted at the old THP hall of fame in Giambellino, Milano, where the message is not my name.
First one on the left “CONTRO POTERE” means “COUNTERAUTHORITY ” and it’s explanation is in the Milan Kundera’s quote next to it: “The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting”.

On the right side, the second piece says: “MAI ABBASSARE LA GUARDIA”, “NEVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN”.

After the terrorists attacks in Paris of the last week (13 November 2015), these pieces still claim what I believe in: PEACE, CULTURE, RESPECT and ACCEPTANCE OF THE OTHERS. But… NEVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN, being pacifist doesn’t mean to be stupid.

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