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Under the Brunelleschi overbridge in Milano with my friend Yazo. First and last time in my life I have ever painted graffiti with gold or bronze (some unknown italian bad spraycan brand)! But I still love it, flow is still …

Gold and bronze wildstyle, Milano 1996 Read More »

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A couple of rare pieces painted at the old THP hall of fame in Giambellino, Milano, where the message is not my name. First one on the left “CONTRO POTERE” means “COUNTERAUTHORITY ” and it’s explanation is in the Milan …

Mai abbassare la guardia – Milano 1994 Read More »

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I loved painting on this door, everything always looked like being inside a frame. Metal too feels different under spray cans and colors always shine so bright! Colui che più appare conosce e custodisce cose apparenti.

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This THP has a funny flavor but probably it’s a little bit too much chaotic… too many loops, too many color details, too many dedications. Nasty character by my man Teatro.

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Mellow lines, not usual for me: but this was Via Giambellino during those years, a real style’s playground where you could have enjoyed many different flavors. Everybody in Milano was looking for some personal lines that could push you further …

Testing curves – Milano 1993 Read More »

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Gomma is probably the greatest expert and scholar of underground movements in Italy. His fine instinct led him to film a couple of videos featuring early Graffiti Writing in Milano and Treviso. These are the only films I know about …

Milano graffiti years 1989-1991 Read More »

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