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Airone, Milano 1994. Giambellino Hall Of Fame

The oldest THP hall of fame in Milano is an overbridge in the Giambellino neighborhood with 3 big doors: through them you can access to the warehouse where the city of Milano still keeps the metal cartels that get used

Eir Uan, Milano 1994

Experimenting holes inside the lettering and trying to get a “curved mellow swing”: some interesting detail and a lot of little innovations for that times but too many colors and a really bad background somehow kills the piece. My graffiti

Mai abbassare la guardia – Milano 1994

A couple of rare pieces painted at the old THP hall of fame in Giambellino, Milano, where the message is not my name. First one on the left “CONTRO POTERE” means “COUNTERAUTHORITY ” and it’s explanation is in the Milan

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Airone, Brunelleschi overbridge in Giambellino, Milano 1994

I loved painting on this door, everything always looked like being inside a frame. Metal too feels different under spray cans and colors always shine so bright! Colui che più appare conosce e custodisce cose apparenti.

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That classic flavor… Milano, 1994

Via Brunelleschi, THP Hall Of Fame, Milano Right before what I call the European Graffiti Writing revolution there was only an inspiration: NY City. This is how many of us grew up and learned The Culture, The Roots and The

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Via Pontano – Milano 1994

During the 90’s every piece painted in Via Pontano was precious. It was a real honor to be hosted at Sten&Mec‘s hall of fame, probably one of the most famous walls in Italy. This time I was with my close

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