Music from my blockbuster

Airone - Milano Via Giambellino - 1992

In 1992 my blockbuster was playing Business Never Personal and in the meantime Metallica’s black album. I was painting graffiti since a few years but writers were still looking at me like some strange cat for the only reason I was listening to hardcore and metal together with rap music (that same year, Body Count LP by Ice-T was published and a lot of people just shut up). Things that make me smile today… we were kids and it was a different world.

But while music was down with me in every moment of my life, the only blockbuster I ever painted in my life is the one you see here. I just wanted to paint a real classic graffiti piece, and this spot near our hall of fame in Giambellino was perfect ’cause everybody comin’ to check out new productions would have been hitted by my blockbuster too, it was big enough! I remember doin it alone on a foggy-depressing Sunday afternoon. This place was my playground but it also could be a wasteland, typically I just used to park my car near the wall, open the doors turn-on the music and paint!
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