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Via Giambellino, Milano – MNP Hall Of Fame Badly mixing flavors and inspirations, looking to find my own style: simple letters, big bold outline without any deph or shadow, too many different bright colors. It was difficult to paint with …

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From suburb to suburb, a cold trip with Isadora, Guelfa, Zen, Monè (R.I.P.), Chief, Craze, Dust. Check out the original A.One (R.I.P.) piece in the background. And Mode2 off course! Few days, so many stories about. There’s nothing like travelling …

Giambellino goes to Paris: 1992 Read More »

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In 1992 my blockbuster was playing Business Never Personal and in the meantime Metallica’s black album. I was painting graffiti since a few years but writers were still looking at me like some strange cat for the only reason I …

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