Plan and test your colors in advance – Street Fever Graffiti Show – May 2009

Aria by Airone - Street Fever 2009 - Romano di LombardiaStyle matters but sometimes colors can elevate a bad piece: sorry, this is not the case!

This piece is just looking bad. It has been painted at Street Fever edition 5, a nice annual convention that used to happen in Romano di Lombardia, near Bergamo. The place was a very big tunnel for cars, so it had some parts better illuminated than others. As I do often, the piece was a freestyle I sketched directly on the wall. I must say that when I finished sketching, it was looking OK. Then something happened: I started adding color to color without any type of plan. The result was an ugly mix that killed everything positive of the original sketch (first ‘A’ wasn’t too bad…).

As it always succedes when you’re doin bad, all around me people was painting incredible nice pieces… mine was looking so old and outdated. I felt like the old man who’s not able to learn how new technologies work. Final verdict: unable 2 upgrade.
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