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Let it flow… Romano di Lombardia, 2015

Graffiti Writing is not just a sign on a wall, it’s a mirror. It doesnt tell lies.

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Milano-Oslo: Fedeli Alla Linea – 2005

Wild burner under the highway bridge at Romano di Lombardia near Milano with my friends Ater and KayOne at the very first Street Fever convention. Enjoy full piece, click here.

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Street Fever 2006

Painting under a bridge it’s not that easy: colors always look different and it’s easyer to enhale spracan’s vapours, if outside there’s just few wind, under the bridge it becomes annoying… but we managed to do our best! Once again

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Plan and test your colors in advance – Street Fever Graffiti Show – May 2009

Style matters but sometimes colors can elevate a bad piece: sorry, this is not the case! This piece is just looking bad. It has been painted at Street Fever edition 5, a nice annual convention that used to happen in

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