Airone KayOne Chief Dust Dusk – Milano, Giambellino 1991

Airone KayOne Chief Dust Dusk - Milano Giambellino graffiti 1991This is a nice photo I received from KayOne a couple of years ago. It must be year 1991, the place is our first hall of fame in Via Rosalba Carriera, Giambellino neighborhood, Milano.

The wall was just in front of an abandoned factory. In the middle there was – and still it is – an open-air public parking. Few people used the parking ’cause of all the junkies that used to live inside the factory. A perfect underground place to paint: so dirty and derelict that few teenagers with spraycans were a minor problem and, to say the truth, police was happy that someone stayed there, this made the place less dangerous for people wanting to reach the old public market nearby. It’s been our headquarter for almost 5 years.

In 1991 the abandoned building was gradually demolished and left space for a small insignificant garden and the progressive cheap redevelopment of the whole neighborhood. The image is a snapshot of this moment, with just a small part of the bunch of creative people that spent their days at the wall.
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