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Trainspotting Milano

Per un periodo degli anni ’90 gli irriducibili dei treni in crew fummo io, Done e Clock. Eravamo esperti e sapevamo di poterci fidare l’un l’altro. Done e Clock non possedevano un’auto e quindi tenevano costantemente d’occhio tutte le yard locali delle

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New name, first hits – Milano 1990

Photo courtesy of Jacopo De Marco, all rights reserved. My dear friend KayOne just discovered this old illegal street piece dated 1990: wow! Believe me, I really dont remember anything about this piece, how or where it has been painted,

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Milano graffiti years 1989-1991

Gomma is probably the greatest expert and scholar of underground movements in Italy. His fine instinct led him to film a couple of videos featuring early Graffiti Writing in Milano and Treviso. These are the only films I know about

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Fuck the buff – Milano 2005

In 2005, my crew’s hall of fame under the Brunelleschi bridge in Milano has been buffed after 15 years. I was there and I made some photos while the murder was happening. I spent many years of my life, some

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Loreto subway station – Milano Graffiti Writing 1990

This is probably one of the most significant photos about graffiti writing in Italy. It already has been published in the book All City Writers (if you dont have it, you MUST buy it), but it was very very small

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With Smith and Sharp at the Giambellino hall of fame – Milano 1993

Painting on the left: Smith (NYC), down on the right: Sharp (NYC). It happened during Spring 1993 at our hall of fame in Giambellino. After having met Sharp and Smith at WAG shop, I offered them to come with me

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