Milano graffiti years 1989-1991

Gomma is probably the greatest expert and scholar of underground movements in Italy. His fine instinct led him to film a couple of videos featuring early Graffiti Writing in Milano and Treviso. These are the only films I know about Graffiti Writing in Italy during those years. In the one down here you can see a few subway cars painted by legendary PWD crew and many footages about Milano south side… some more PWD pieces in their Argelati hall of fame and then you’ll see my hall of fame in Giambellino, how it was and how it looked back in the days when this place was still a ghetto abandoned place, with pieces by me, KayOne, Craze and the tags of all the MNP and THP crew’s friends all around. My really first tag is visible in a little frame and there’s some more footage of pieces and tags painted by me and other friends (Yazo, Teatro) along the Darsena in the center of Milano. It’s just a pity there’s no human presence, interviews or live painting but once again thanx to Gomma for this gem and as he says… this is history!

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