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This video is ready almost one year later but better late than never! Night skateboard/longboard/scooter/push-bike ride to promote a more green way of movin and living our cities.

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This year I organized the first ever italian long distance skateboarding marathon on the best recetrack in the World: the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza. This is a quick video of that day, see you at the next race!

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Night time riding at Greenskate Milano 2013. A couple of nice “team” photos here also. Greenskate celebrates and encourages the low impact of longboarding on our environment as an eco-efficient form of travel and recreation.

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It’s raining since early Genuary but my man Frankie last week-end succeded in filming this fast movie… consider it the trailer for next adventures!

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Gomma is probably the greatest expert and scholar of underground movements in Italy. His fine instinct led him to film a couple of videos featuring early Graffiti Writing in Milano and Treviso. These are the only films I know about …

Milano graffiti years 1989-1991 Read More »

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This interview was made in 2004 for It wasn’t supposed to be filmed, but luckily Alberto Scabbia was there and had a camera… and recorded most of it. The place was a basement studio in Milano where Daze was …

Chris Daze Ellis: Other People Just Took Different Path Read More »

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