Spruzzo ergo sum. Milano and Roma graffiti writing in 1997.

Bad title for this honest and clean documentary mostly about Milano and Roma graffiti writing, with some nice music featuring. It has been produced and directed by Cristina De Ritis for RAI DUE, public television’s tv channel. She has been so nice to convince me to be filmed, something I permitted in very rare cases (I dont trust too much in journalists). It has been transmitted the 20 Agoust 1997. It features 23 REC crew, Hekto, Mind, Clock, Mastro K, Marco Teatro, Ice One among others. On my back you can see how it looked the renowned THP crew wall in Giambellino, at its peak of fame during mid ’90s. Clock, MindOne and Mastro were also being filmed while painting there.

P.S.: I know that in the video I translate “whole car” as “whole train”. Shit happens, being filmed is not my preferite sport, so please don’t laugh. Thanks again to Cristina for not making judgments and trying to understand us a little more than most others journalists did during those days.

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