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Trainspotting Milano

Per un periodo degli anni ’90 gli irriducibili dei treni in crew fummo io, Done e Clock. Eravamo esperti e sapevamo di poterci fidare l’un l’altro. Done e Clock non possedevano un’auto e quindi tenevano costantemente d’occhio tutte le yard locali delle

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Clock Airone Dumbo – Milano 1997

Just a small easy one flying on the top of this 2 nice burners by my friends Clock and Dumbo. Great styles and nice memories!

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Zeta Opium MastroK Clock KayOne – Lugano, Switzerland, 1997

…and together with us, our friends Yazo, Done, KayOne, Teatro and Vandalo. A wild bunch from Milano in that clean swiss city: I felt like a meteor fallen down on a different planet. All those colors were made possible thanks

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Touch The Sky Festival – Drammen, November 2006

It just sounds great when people pay to invite you to a party! Can we say we rocked it?!? Yes yes YOOOO! Really cool week-end of vapours in Drammen with my friends Clock, Loze, Kid and Jame, check out all

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Clock KayOne Airone – Barona, Milano 2002

I really miss those time painting with my old friend Clock. This fast piece is just one of many I painted with the support of Barrio‘s. In my opinion Barrios is one of the few community centers doin’ a really

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AirJame – Bergamo 1999

This freestyle was for my brother Jame who just had joined the family. Very bad photo, but the only one I have… analog times! On my top there was some crazy big illustrations by MastroK and on my right a

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