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When it comes to graffiti it is often mistakenly believe that the term Wild Style indicates an illegible tangle of letters full of lines and arrows, as if you had taken your name and you had woven a crown of …

Wild Style means Wild Read More »

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There are many reasons why I love this piece: it has been painted at the glorious Pontano hall of fame during an era when painting there it still meant something. Just very few people were authorized by oldschool kings Sten …

When you try your best – Via Pontano, Milano 1997 Read More »

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…and together with us, our friends Yazo, Done, KayOne, Teatro and Vandalo. A wild bunch from Milano in that clean swiss city: I felt like a meteor fallen down on a different planet. All those colors were made possible thanks …

Zeta Opium MastroK Clock KayOne – Lugano, Switzerland, 1997 Read More »

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These stickers were the 2nd ones we printed after the really first invasion during the 90s with just only the THP crew sign. They were quite big with 3 different designs: Airone, Mastro K and Phast, all black and cyan …

The second wave, year 2000 Read More »

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This freestyle was for my brother Jame who just had joined the family. Very bad photo, but the only one I have… analog times! On my top there was some crazy big illustrations by MastroK and on my right a …

AirJame – Bergamo 1999 Read More »

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9 years ago… WOW.

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