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I had a permission for this wall in Via Anassagora just for a couple of years. Maybe the wall wasn’t the best one ever but it was a big long one and you know what?!? It was a Milano’s subway …

Airone Thero – Milano 2002 Read More »

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This hall of fame used to be in Via Anassagora, north Milano. The owner was Milano’s ATM! I had the permission to paint on it once in a year just during the Airbrush Show exhibition, the art event that I …

Airbrush Show’s burner year 2002, Milano Read More »

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I really miss those time painting with my old friend Clock. This fast piece is just one of many I painted with the support of Barrio‘s. In my opinion Barrios is one of the few community centers doin’ a really …

Clock KayOne Airone – Barona, Milano 2002 Read More »

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