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GreenSkate Night Push Milano skateboarding 2015 photo report

My friend Paolo Salmoirago just sent me this great photo report, exactly one year after the event… nice memories and nice photos, grazie mille Paolo!

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Milano GreenSkate: Night Push 2015

This video is ready almost one year later but better late than never! Night skateboard/longboard/scooter/push-bike ride to promote a more green way of movin and living our cities.

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Greenskate Milano 2013

Night time riding at Greenskate Milano 2013. A couple of nice “team” photos here also. Greenskate celebrates and encourages the low impact of longboarding on our environment as an eco-efficient form of travel and recreation.

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Milano Greenskate 2013 first hit

What can I say, I succeded in reaching the end! It’s been fun. And it’s been damn nice to ride back home in the middle of the streets at 2:00 AM with some of the best riders in Italy. Thanx

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