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From suburb to suburb, a cold trip with Isadora, Guelfa, Zen, Monè (R.I.P.), Chief, Craze, Dust. Check out the original A.One (R.I.P.) piece in the background. And Mode2 off course! Few days, so many stories about. There’s nothing like travelling …

Giambellino goes to Paris: 1992 Read More »

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This is probably one of the most significant photos about graffiti writing in Italy. It already has been published in the book All City Writers (if you dont have it, you MUST buy it), but it was very very small …

Loreto subway station – Milano Graffiti Writing 1990 Read More »

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This image well represents my roots: school’s friends, Dupli-colors and the streets of Milano during night-time. It was a cold night of December 1990 and KayOne together with Craze had planned a mad hit right in the heart of Milano.

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