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AIR, Energy Box Milano 2015

Non si è obbligati ad accettare un’incarico o abbracciare un progetto, così quando poco prima dell’estate Atomo mi ha chiesto se avrei voluto partecipare a questa sua bella idea, ho detto di si. So che ci teneva ed era da

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Start To Burn – Milano Energy Box 2015

Painted box part of a street art group show around the streets of Milano, called Energy Box. This one is in Via Papiniano exactly in front of San Vittore prison.

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Walk On Niguarda, Milano 2015

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Rumors, Milano 1998

Down here 3 canvases I have painted live in Piazza Vetra during Spring 1998 for the Rumors Exhibition. Each one was quite small (2×1) so that all the other artists involved (I remember KayOne, MastroK, Vandalo, Teatro) mostly used them

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La Nuova Figurazione Italiana – Fabbrica Borroni 2007

Site-specific installation made for La Nuova Figurazione Italiana exhibition in 2007. The exhibition has been very very nice, but this wall was pretty new and it was built to close an old door: after just one year the new plaster

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Paolo Buggiani, Piazza del Duomo Milano 2010

Paolo Buggiani is a real legend in the Street Art world. He is one of those who still, despite his age, puts body and soul in his art without paying much attention to awards, galleries and money. I met him

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