GreenSkate Night Push Milano skateboarding 2015 photo report

My friend Paolo Salmoirago just sent me this great photo report, exactly one year after the event… nice memories and nice photos, grazie mille Paolo!
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    Accidental little gem on steel, Milano 1997

    Opium - Milano 1997
    While searching for the right flow, you may generate an accidental little gem. I never tried to develop this style anymore after this time, but I still love this piece, it’s just missing a nice simple background.
    …that old original Montana white was crazy good, covering everything like toothpaste!

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      Good sketching it’s not that easy

      If you’re sketching to prepare a street production, you’re free to use every kind of trick. Few black & white lines can be enough: the rest of the idea is drawn in your mind ready to be used when needed. But if you’re sketching as a form of training or fixing your style, the paper becomes your street and the game is much more difficult. How many years will your sketch survive before you will judge it outdated?

      Airone - Blackbook sketch, 2008

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        Wild Style means Wild

        Metroner MastroK - Via Brunelleschi, Milano 1996

        When it comes to graffiti it is often mistakenly believe that the term Wild Style indicates an illegible tangle of letters full of lines and arrows, as if you had taken your name and you had woven a crown of thorns. The truth is that Wild Style simply means wild, something that is not within the already known stylistic canons. So even the simplest things can be Wild, the only discriminating factor is the creativity and the ability to innovate. But you know, simpliest things are always the more difficult to achieve.
        In the photo a Metroner piece I painted at the Giambellino’s hall of fame in Milano in 1996. Character by MastroK… el sabor latino!

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          New name, first hits – Milano 1990

          Air - Milano 1990

          Photo courtesy of Jacopo De Marco, all rights reserved.

          My dear friend KayOne just discovered this old illegal street piece dated 1990: wow! Believe me, I really dont remember anything about this piece, how or where it has been painted, I just can say that judging from my tag (up left) it was early 1990 as during 1989 (the year I started painting), I was still tagging “Nho” and that style of “Air” tag comes from the early months of 1990, after Kay gave me some styles to work on to evolve the new name.
          There’s always a starting point!

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            When you try your best – Via Pontano, Milano 1997

            MastroK, Metro - Via Pontano, Milano 1997

            There are many reasons why I love this piece: it has been painted at the glorious Pontano hall of fame during an era when painting there it still meant something. Just very few people were authorized by oldschool kings Sten and Mec (TDK crew, owners of the wall): it was a great honor, an opportunity that could not be wasted.
            Second, I was with my close friend MastroK who rocked a super nasty character between me and Shot CKC (on the left, sorry I dont have the photo). Third, so cool to paint once again with Shot CKC, another Milano’s legend: we have gone painting trains many times together but this has been the first and the last time we painted a wall, both guests at someone else hall of fame. Last but not least, I tryed to do my best: the piece turned out big, not perfect but… wild.
            While finishing it I remember that Shad stopped by the wall and told me it was a cool piece: and Shad never loved me (but for me he’s always been a real master).
            Did I mention this piece survived there for 15 years?

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